Brad Wells Art

Brad Wells – an artist, son, husband, father, brother, friend – was extraordinary in all his roles, and he inspired everyone along the way. Brad’s greatest pleasure was being a dad to Tristan Hawk Dewitt Wells and Zealand Wolf Deklan Wells. Together they built blanket forts, played trains and cars, colored, danced, jumped on the trampoline, read books and just hung out. Brad was intentional about sharing lessons of life and love with them, and we are going to make sure his love continues on.

Having a website to sell his art was one of Brad’s dreams; a dream that has now come true, but it is for a much different purpose. Now we will sell his artwork to help fund his children’s education. Soon, we will list many of Brad’s art pieces and give more purchase options.

For now, with your donation, you help fund the education of Brad’s children, and you receive a downloadable print of Brad’s art. You continue Brad’s legacy.

About Brad’s Art

Brad Wells grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he attended Red Bank High School and was recently inducted into the school's Hall of Fame. In college, he studied art at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His love for art started at an early age where he would airbrush t-shirts and visors or create birthday decorations for friends and family, but soon changed into large scale murals and set designs at countless schools, churches, theaters, conventions, and businesses.

Brad was a gifted artist who was known by people worldwide. His talent was unique. He has created so many murals and Styrofoam sets that we can’t even count them. Over the years he has had many projects, some include:

It was Michelangelo who said, “I saw an angel in the marble and carved it until I set it free.” Brad Wells saw a blank wall, or an empty room, and used his God-given talent to imagine what it could be. Then he transformed it into a work of unbelievable art – every single time.

As much as his love of art stood out, his love of people was even greater. Brad was a kind and giving soul, and he donated a lot of his time and talent to help others with projects they could not afford otherwise.

Thank you for your love and support of Brad and his family.

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